Classic Market

Traditionally, a classic market is a public event in which you can visit and buy a wide variety of oldtimers for a low entrance fee. Often the market goes hand in hand with a parts market where you can still find one or the other bargain. A flea market for vintage cars and parts.

Here you can still deal directly with the sellers and see the object of desire live and, if you are serious about buying it, you can also test drive it.

A very nice ambience! Even if you don't want to buy anything, you get a lot to see here and you usually get very interesting conversations about everything from the field of classic cars. The so-called gasoline talks!

It is a shame that these markets are being displaced more and more by online offers. Parts and vehicles are now offered and sold online. Whether on special portals or via common platforms such as eBay, eBay classifieds, mobile, ... etc. The flair and the gasoline conversations are unfortunately lost here. With us you can still find real vintage car markets.

Classic market events in the past

VETERAMA Mannheim Past event Market International character

09 October, 2021 • Mannheim, Deutschland Germany

Oldtimer Youngtimer Klassiker Teile

Classic car event in detail

Oldtimer-Teilemarkt Leipzig Past event Market

19 September, 2021 • Leipzig, Deutschland Germany

3. Herbst-Teilemarkt mit typenoffenem Treffen für Old- & Youngtimer.

Classic car event in detail

40. Großer Kfz-Veteranenbasar und Teilemarkt Past event Market Local Event Concours d'Elégance

18 September, 2021 • Oberlungwitz, Deutschland Germany

private Kleinanbieter erwünscht; gehandelt werden Fahrzeugteile und Fahrzeuge und anderes mehr

Classic car event in detail