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Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)
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Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)
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Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)
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Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)
Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)
Oldtimer Wandern (Ausfahrt)

There are still relatively few events in the “classic car hiking” category. You don't have to be able to read a road book here because the route is excellent. So you could do the tour without a co-driver but it's always nicer with me. Tasks are still set which, however, usually only have something to do with the topic of vintage cars in a figurative sense (feel for coins, guess how many pens are in a gals or skill tasks).

There is no stress here, although you can and may develop a certain ambition in this category. Because here too, as in the rally, prizes are awarded. But the focus here is on fun. You can enjoy the tour and arrive relaxed at your destination after several breaks.

Classic hiking events in the past

ADAC Deutschland Klassik 2023

Past event Hiking International character Tourism

23 - 26 May 2023 • Altstadt, Germany Germany

Bereits seit 2010 entführt die ADAC Deutschland Klassik die Teilnehmer jährlich in die schönsten Gegenden Deutschlands. Beim sogenannten „Oldtime ...

Classic car event in detail